Effects That Social Media Has On Your Mental Health

The manifold integration of social media into our lives means that we are more connected than we ever were. With experts quick to point fingers at social media for spoiling the next generation and deteriorating the overall quality of life.
Some say that overindulgence can lead to an increased sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction along with isolation, others say that staying in touch with what’s happening around them has helped them develop better confidence and grow as a professional. People already feeling down on their luck and beaten up by life can find solace in social media and visit a sydney psychiatrist. So, what are the effects of social media? Let’s explore some positive and negative impacts of social media on people.

Negative impact on self-esteem

Everyone has their own insecurities, some that we discuss with our friends but others we tend to keep hidden from the world. Comparing our lives to the picture-perfect ones shared on social media can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. It’s a vicious cycle, in which if you spend time comparing your life in relation to others, and you put your own happiness within a variable which is beyond your control.
Mental health services have found out that people who have cut out social media from their lives live a much happier and contented life.

Positive emotional support

There are a lot of cases where people suffering from mental health issues have found help on social networks. They’ve found like-minded people and built communities which provide them with emotional support. This side of social networks has a very positive impact in creating a safe space for vulnerable individuals, along with minimizing the stigma which comes bundled with seeking out treatment.

Minimized human connection

Human beings are social animals and thus it is imperative for survival to forge connections and create a society around yourself. That said, it can be very hard to do so when you are glued to your phone, getting to know their digital life rather building connections in person.
Influencers with millions of followers on social media have commented on feeling left out and alone.

Positive reaffirmation

One of the best features of social networks is allowing everyone to upload photos and caption them. While many people just go around putting up a facade, building a fake digital life for their followers, others put up photos of significant moments in their lives. If they hit a slump, they could pull up an old album online. It could remind them of their passion and the drive they had, which could put them back on track to be productive and achieve their goals.
Don’t just put too much effort into your pictures to make them perfect, rather try to capture the moment as it happens and live it up.

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