Guide in Picking the Ideal Tattoo Shop

Many people find getting tattooed one of the most exciting changes they do to improve their physical appearances. The experience of getting inked brings an adrenaline rush like that of an entire wardrobe change or getting a new and radical haircut.

A bold commitment is achieved with a tattoo. However, a tattoo design and colour can only be seen as the best or worst life-changing experience with the choice of a tattoo shop.

The search for the ideal tattoo shop can be fun and exciting when you know what to do. This handy guide will help you find the best tattoo shop and artist on your first try.

Good research skills

The search for the best tattoo shop is fun and exciting. You can start by taking a close look at the tattoos sported by your friends or a family member. Are the designs and colours exciting? What tattoo shop did they use? What is the design tattoo did they go for?

The tattoo design is particularly important. Tattoo shops specialise in a particular tattoo design. For instance, a tattoo shop specialising in hyperrealism is not the ideal choice if you want to get a traditional piece.

Searching through the net is also a good place to start. Google can help you find the local ideal tattoo shops. Visiting the shortlisted tattoo shops’ social media platforms such as Facebook make you see what people have to say about their work.

Pay a visit

Paying a visit to a tattoo shop is always ideal before committing to an appointment. A shop visit is the only way you can determine its sanitary and safe environment. Being catfished by a tattoo shop is avoided when you take the time to pay a visit.

Look around as soon as you walk into a shop. Do the tattoo beds and chairs look professional? Do the countertops show clean and organised studio equipment? Are the floors of the shop clean? Do the shelves of the shop show a multitude of antiseptics, boxes of disposable gloves, and bottles of antiseptics and green soap?

A shop showing all this means that it is serious about their art. Having a tattoo is an invasive procedure which means that a great tattoo shop will be like stepping inside a doctor’s examination room.

Ask about the shop’s set-up procedures

It is okay to ask questions when you visit a tattoo shop. Asking for the set-up procedures of a tattoo artist is important for your safety and protection. A good set-up procedure should include:

  • Hand washing before and after a procedure
  • Sterilising after wiping down furniture and counters
  • Comfortable and padded seating provided for all procedures
  • Covering clip cords and bagging machines after every procedure
  • Wearing disposable gloves and replacing them when touching other things other than you or the equipment
  • Using a disposable razor for prepping the skin
  • Using antibacterial soap or green soap in skin prepping
  • Use sharps containers and biohazard bags to dispose of needles and other infectious waste
  • Provide you with detailed aftercare instructions

Some people find it easy to walk into a tattoo shop, chose a tattoo design, and have the procedure done all in a day. However, an impulse tattoo can either be a great or a worse experience. Make the tattoo experience and design count by choosing well. Contact us at to know more.


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