What a Salon Management Course Entails

Thanks for taking the bold step to upskill your career in the beauty industry. The following are the course modules you should cover when you study a salon management course:

Financial management:

You will learn financial management in this course to help you manage finances effectively so that you may accomplish the financial objectives of your business or the company you are working for. In this module, you will cover hard cash management, handling financial statements, handling stock and inventory, and analyzing fixed assets to adjust depreciation.

Essentials of human resource management:

This module introduces you to functions of the human resource function in a company and learns how to analyze and plan job descriptions, how to recruit staff, how to motivate existing staff and other fundamental issues surrounding human resources such as employee development and appraisals in the company or a business.

Customer experience management:

This module introduces learners to the fundamentals of keeping good customer relationships. Here, you will understand marketing principles such as intelligent market research and analysis. The learner will understand principles and ways to keep customers and how to treat them effectively or enrol them in loyalty customer programmes considering the cost and other factors that may affect income to the business.

Business English:

This module seeks to address all barriers to effective communication. The learner will understand communication processes in a business set-up such as invoicing, delivery notes, and the actual skills that will help them interpret body language, facial expressions, and other modes of communication from clients and other staff. The learners will also learn to improve their spoken and written English so that they can communicate effectively with local clients and sometimes international clients. Proper English communication will make it easy for staff to work in a team and deal with conflicts that may evolve in the line of duty.

Personnel management:

Here, the learners will be seeking to differentiate between leadership skills and management skills. There are different types of leadership that learners will apply after completing this course, for example, coordinating and motivating employees to work effectively to improve productivity in the business. Other aspects personnel management seeks to address include; delegating duties, and evaluating employee performance.

Salon skills:

Learners are taught how to communicate with clients and to act professionally while handling customers. The professional image involves solving issues with clients in a sober way and offering warm reception to existing and new clients visiting the salon.

Network for success:

In this module, you will learn how to build positive relationships with clients, and the staff. You will go through the do’s & don’ts of building, nurturing networks and relationships, communication through social media platforms, emailing, telephoning and other communication channels the internet has to offer.

Entrepreneurship studies:

This module teaches learners of this course the difference between a small business owner, an entrepreneur, and an entrepreneur. You will also learn aspects of successful entrepreneurship and the importance of management and functional skills.

Business ethics:

This module explains to the learners what is right and what is wrong and how as an employee or an employer you are supposed to conduct yourself. You will learn about ethical issues in a business environment and what is considered unethical.


This module describes the learner’s procedures of office and business administration from front to back office.

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