Weather and pain, there is really a bond: on humid and windy days you suffer more

With this weather, I have pain all over! What may seem to many a popular belief actually has a scientific foundation. To say it is a study by the University of Manchester , which has shown that there is indeed a correlation between weather and pain and that it is especially felt by those suffering from arthritis and other diseases that cause chronic pain .

What is the connection between weather and pain? An app has revealed it

The study involved over 13,000 people from all 124 postal cities of the United Kingdom. Participants were predominantly people with arthritis, although some suffered from other chronic.

“The analysis showed that, on humid and windy days at low pressure, the chances of experiencing more pain, compared to an average day, were around 20%.” This was stated by Professor Will Dixon, director of the Center for Epidemiology Versus Arthritis at the University of Manchester, lead author of the study.

The data suggest that there is no connection between rain and pain. Similarly, researchers have found no relationship between pain and temperature alone.

However, it seems that the temperature can worsen the pain caused by a humid and turbulent climate: the most painful days for the participants were the humid, windy, but also cold ones.

Dixon suggests that the results of the study could lead meteorologists to provide pain predictions along with air quality projections . This could help people with chronic pain to “plan their activities , completing more difficult tasks on days with weather conditions favorable to their condition, to experience lower levels of pain”.

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